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A legendary season.


The last year of Dirk Nowitzki in the strongest basketball organization of the world the NBA was a really open mystery. I was that proud to be the one who is working together with Holger Geschwindner and the legend himself Dirk Nowitzki. The goal was to create a visual documentation of his last season to underline the medical device partner in the background.

To showcase a crowned but also uncrowned legend combined with the harsh restrictions of Holger and of the NBA was a really tough nut to crack. The lightning speed of execution needed made this project even more difficult to comply.

The final concept was made by Team Feldmann and myself. The applied design is made of the strongest figures reached in 21 years of a legendary basketball athlete. In combination with the milestones he was going to reach within his last and legendary season the image campaign stood for the sportive achievements a real sports legend claimed. This campaign was released as a social media competition to introduce a new Bauefeind-NBA product.

Bauerfeind AG

Dirk Nowitzki - A legendary Season.

Social media image campaign / Brand Concept / Image campaign / Creative Direction

Photography - Stephan Freund
Coordination - Team Feldmann
Graphic Design - Nils Moerl