Edition Fachchinesisch.


In German language the word „Fachchinesisch“ stands colloquial for the perspective of an outsider listening to experts talking. Sometimes the outsider doesn’t even understand a single word of the technical language they‘re using to describe certain tasks. If the outsider then gets questioned on the content of the conversation, the person is only left to describe it as gobbledygook. In German it is called „Fachchinesisch“.

The Edition Fachchinesisch is an artistic approach to parody myself and my work as a graphic and brand designer in explanation to outsiders. I wanted to make it visible in a graphical and also artistic way, inspired by the surrounding of my studio place in Leipzig. I used the design of my own re-branding as basement and further combined it with the visual appeals of Japanese or Chinese letterforms. Formed are 3 main motives to produce via Letterpress printing.

The physical production as an artwork was made at the art print studio Alinea-Kunstdruckerei to catch the spirit of the original letterpress. The final B2 formats of 50 to 70 cm are handprinted on a machine established from 1904 to make it a piece of serial art. The color I used was a hand blended mix. I call it phantom black and it is made of offset color and some natural oils and pigments. The color was mixed by myself like the printings are done together with a good friend of mine the artist Christian Scholz. The final result was a series of 30 prints differencing in 3 motives of „graphic design“, „art direction“ and „brand design“ on 2 different papers from the GMUND paper series.


Edition Fachchinesisch.

branding art / graphic design / art / illustration / poster / abstract

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